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Waldo Introduces a New Generation to the Scott House

For the first time, the Ridgefield Historical Society participated in the Books on the Common Where's Waldo program this July. It kept us on our toes and introduced us to lots of new friends.

It was the Ridgefield Historical Society’s first year on the Where’s Waldo circuit and boy, was it fun. Such a pleasure to hear little voices at our door, and share a few of Ridgefield’s historic treasures with our new-found friends.

The program, hosted each July by Books on the Common, encourages local children to visit Ridgefield stores and institutions in search of Waldo. Each location receives a cardboard Waldo to hide each day, and each child receives a Passport to tally their findings. For parents and caregivers, it’s a fun pursuit and an opportunity to visit places they’ve never been before — like the Ridgefield Historical Society!

Indeed, most Waldo seekers were first-time visitors to the Scott House, so we pulled out a few items, including our Wooden Voting Box, and encouraged them to stay a little longer. It’s nice to have company! Among other diversions, we posed a Question of the Day, inviting visitors to weigh in — with a marble — on choices of critical import.

Here’s a glimpse into Ridgefield’s preferences:

Vanilla or Chocolate? Chocolate wins!
Yankees or Red Sox? Yankees win!
Beach or Pool? Beach wins!
Fruits or Vegetables? Fruits win!
Hot Dog or Hamburger? Hamburger wins!
Live in the Past or the Future? The Past wins! Of course!
Early Bird or Night Owl? It’s a tie!
Italian Food or Chinese? Italian Food wins!
Ferris Wheel or Carousel? Carousel wins!
Scooter or Bike? Bike wins!
Winter or Summer? Summer wins!

For those who visited, thank you. We’re looking forward to seeing you again. For families who didn’t make it, but are interested in the Ridgefield Historical Society, we invite you to take our survey — and stop in for a visit.


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