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Battlefield Research and Stewardship

Preserving Our History

In November 2019, the Battle of Ridgefield became the subject of intense interest with the finding of human remains under the basement of a historic house, which sits not far from the main engagement. This battle was the only inland engagement of the Revolutionary War fought in Connecticut.

The Ridgefield Historical Society received a multi-year grant in 2020 from the National Park Service American Battlefield Protection Program, followed by another grant in 2023 to convert this enthusiasm into preservation action and long-term stewardship of this important site through research, archaeology, and community-based dialogue.

For more information about our Battle of Ridgefield project, please email:  [email protected]

Fund for the Forensic Study of Skeletal Remains

The Ridgefield Historical Society has established a special fund to provide financial support for the forensic work and for the eventual reinterment of the remains to help identify and honor the men who died on Ridgefield’s battleground.


Testing on the skeletal remains was suspended due to the pandemic. We are awaiting news of any change to this situation from state archaeologist Sarah Sportman.