On Board: Kevin Julier and Jason Zides

This summer, Kevin Julier and Jason Zides joined the Ridgefield Historical Society Board, bringing technical expertise and passion to the talented, working group.

This summer, the Ridgefield Historical Society welcomed two new Directors to our Board, Kevin Julier and Jason Zides. Both bring technical and organizational expertise, new perspectives, and excellent humor and energy. The Ridgefield Historical Society Board is a talented, working group, deeply committed to preserving and sharing the history and heritage of Ridgefield.

Kevin Julier

Kevin in his spare time

How were you originally introduced to the Ridgefield Historical Society?
In general, I was familiar with the Society via events in town such as the various reenactments of the Battle of Ridgefield, etc. After I retired from IBM in July 2021, I wanted to get involved in local volunteering efforts that I would find interesting and rewarding, so I reached out to Betsy Reid, Collections Manager, via e-mail and offered to help in any way that I could.

What is your area of focus at the RHS?
I have a career-long background in Information Technology / Computer Software and therefore, at the Society, I focus on how to use software to catalog the artifacts in the Society’s collection/ archives and to make this information available to people within the Society as well as to the general public. (The Society uses a software package called PastPerfect, which is widely used by museums and other historical societies in the USA and worldwide to catalog and manage their collections and archives.)

What is your professional background?
I retired from IBM in July 2021 after 44+ years working in the Information Technology field.
For the last 20+ years of my career, I was a Senior Information Technology Architect at IBM. I focused on understanding a wide variety of business problems, analyzing user requirements, and designing / documenting processes and software to address the business needs of the system and its users (e.g., the use cases, etc.).

Prior to that, I spent 20+ years in a variety of software development and management roles. These included VP / Chief Information Officer, Director, Manager, Developer, etc.

What other interests do you have?

I really enjoy using / playing with computers and other “gadgets.” I have always enjoyed listening to music and I also attempt to play the guitar every now and again. I like to assemble Lego models … especially of Apollo-era (and later) space vehicles, historical cars, and other vehicles. I enjoy reading … especially historical novels, biographies, etc.

How long have you lived in Ridgefield?
My wife, family and I moved to Ridgefield (from Norwalk) in 1993.

Do you have a favorite era of Ridgefield history? History in general?
I was born and raised in London, England, so I am particularly interested in colonial-era Ridgefield history … from both the Patriot and the Loyalist perspectives.

Any goals/aspirations in your new Board role?
I would like to continue to work with Betsy Reid and team to make access to the online (external) and on-site (internal) collections-related information easier, and more widely known and used by the broader community in Ridgefield.
I would also like to help develop and document processes, software tools, etc. to allow the Society’s team members to do their work more efficiently and to encourage internal and external collaboration both within and outside the Society

Jason Zides

Jason in performance mode

How were you originally introduced to the Ridgefield Historical Society?
Two years ago, we [my family] entered the “Our Town in Lego” contest (and won!). Last year, a friend recommended that I could be of service to the RHS and lend some technology help!

What is your area of focus at the RHS?
My focus is to assist my fellow board members to efficiently use the technology they have, while applying cutting edge tech to RHS endeavors and community activities.

What is your professional background?
15 years of special education teaching and 5 years as an educational technology specialist.

What other interests do you have?

I love to cook, play saxophone and sing in bands, fly drones and build Legos!

How long have you lived in Ridgefield?
2 years.

Do you have a favorite era of Ridgefield history? History in general?
I am a big fan of right now, but historically the Revolutionary War era is such a fascinating time period and living on the East Coast my whole life I’ve always been in historically colonial areas.

Any goals/aspirations in your new Board role?
I am looking to innovate and push the Historical Society into a new technological golden age!!

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