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Museum in the Streets

The Museum in the Streets installation, created and organized by the Ridgefield 300th Anniversary Committee 2008, is a heritage discovery trail for the community and its visitors. The walking and driving tour seeks to enhance the community’s historical identity, educate, encour­age preservation and promote the knowledge and respect of local traditions. Featuring permanent markers at 32 ‘stations of history,’ Ridgefield’s Museum in the Streets brings the past to life beyond the walls of traditional institutions.

In 2015 the Ridgefield 300th Anniversary Committee turned the Museum in the Streets installation over to the Ridgefield Historical Society. The Historical Society acquires, preserves, catalogs, and disseminates informational resources concerning the history and architecture of Ridgefield and conducts research and educa­tional projects.

Download the PDF:

Download the PDF

Conntours app screen

ConnTours: Self-Guided Tours of Ridgefield

ConnTours is an app developed by Connecticut Humanities that serves as a mobile-friendly tour guide to historic and cultural sites throughout Connecticut. ConnTours allows you to explore unique sites at your own pace and on your own schedule. The Historical Society has been selected to pilot the app’s first town-based tours of Ridgefield! Walking tours currently available:

Revolutionary War
The Butcher, Baker, & Candlestick Maker
Main Street Architecture (Coming Soon)

Funding for ConnTours was provided with the support of Connecticut Humanities, a nonprofit affiliate of the National Endowment for the Humanities, which funds, creates, and collaborates on hundreds of cultural programs across Connecticut each year.

Download the ConnTours app:

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Otocast App

The Ridgefield Arts Council has joined other towns in CT, the US, and Europe in implementing the Otocast app. Geared towards places with an art, music, dance, theatre, cultural and historic focus, Otocast facilitates discovery of recommended “points of interest” in any town and encourages exploration of the surrounding areas.

The Ridgefield Historical Society is featured along with other arts and cultural organizations. “The goal is to create a one stop mobile listing for all things cultural in Ridgefield,” said Jennifer DiLaura of the Ridgefield Arts Council.

Download the Otocast app:

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Glossary of Terms and Styles

Not sure of the difference between a balustrade and a finial or between classical revival and federal? Visit our glossary of terms and styles for a list of helpful terms.