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Make a Material Donation

Be Part of Our History

The Ridgefield Historical Society was established in part to preserve materials of historical importance, and has a state-of-the-art archival vault that houses documents, photographs, and artifacts.

Before you throw away those old pictures, letters, or other documents, please check with us to see if they might be of historical interest! The Society welcomes and encourages you to donate:

  • Photographs, postcards and other images of Ridgefield and its people.
  • Documents that shed light on any aspect of Ridgefield history.
  • Diaries and letters by Ridgefielders, especially those that tell something about life in the town or the people who lived here.
  • Maps of Ridgefield or properties in town.
  • Advertisements for historic houses, estates, and businesses.
  • Books containing information on Ridgefield or its residents.
  • Records of past businesses or organizations.

Space is limited, and we may not be able to accept all donations. Please call ahead to let us know what materials you would like to donate.

For more information on contributing material to the Society’s collection, please call 203-438-5821 or email us.

Thank you!