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We are delighted to announce an award from the CT Humanities Quick Grants program in addition to other recent grants from the Anne S. Richardson Fund, the National Park Service’s American Battlefield Protection ProgramCARES Act Humanities Relief grant through the CT Humanities, and Fairfield County Bank. Thank you!

Our two sites, the David Scott House and the Peter Parley Schoolhouse, will remain closed for the foreseeable future. In the meantime, this page will continue to be updated with new content every week.

“Ridgefield Historical Society has a great story to tell about our state’s role in the American Revolution – one that anchors the founding values and ideals of our Nation in local action and honors the sacrifice citizens made to uphold their inalienable rights. It’s a story from 1777 that still resonates today.  We are proud of Ridgefield Historical Society’s commitment to making our history relevant and we will continue to advocate for organizations and projects that engage public interest, foster dialog among our citizens, and enrich our understanding of the human experience.” 

– Dr. Jason Mancini, Executive Director, CT Humanities
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COVID-19 Archival Project

Local residents, parents, and kids can all help us to preserve the history of the current pandemic by sending us photographs, artwork, personal reflections, stories, letters and more. These items, if appropriate, will be stored in our archives and made available to future researchers and visitors to our collection.

Click here to contribute to our COVID-19 Archival project.

You can read more about the project and watch introductory and example videos on the Documenting Ridgefield’s Response to COVID-19 page.

Examples of Images Submitted to the COVID-19 Archival Project:

Thanks for visiting our website and staying connected with us and local history.

Virtual Programs
0 Documenting Ridgefield’s Response to COVID-19: Laurie Kenagy, Executive Director of the Ridgefield Symphony Orchestra

The Ridgefield Symphony Orchestra’s last indoor performance was in February, before the coronavirus pandemic hit. Like the town’s other arts organizations, the RSO has had to reinvent its programming on the fly, starting with online presentations and continuing with outdoor performances, in collaboration with Keeler Tavern Museum and History Center, the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum, and the Ridgefield Playhouse. Meeting the requirements of social distancing means careful arrangements when dealing with musicians, particularly those playing horns or other wind instruments.

Enjoy even more virtual programming from recent weeks! Click a link below.