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Archive: ‘Dick’s Dispatch’

Takes you to a separate page with articles written about early 20th Century Ridgefield by our first town historian, Dick Venus.

Obituaries/Death Notices

Ridgefield Press Index for 1875-1999 An index of obituaries that appeared in The Ridgefield Press from 1875 to 1999, which the Ridgefield Library compiled at the turn of the 21st century.
Added April 2022

Ridgefield Encyclopedia (Sanders)

Nearly 4,500 entries on the people, places and things that have been a part of the town. By Jack Sanders.
Last updated September 2022

Ridgefield Names (Sanders)

A history of Ridgefield through its place names. More that 1,200 names are discussed. By Jack Sanders.
Last updated October 2021

Ridgefield Timeline (Sanders)

A three-century, year-by-year trip through Ridgefield’s history from before it was founded in 1708 until 2008, listing nearly 3,000 events. By Jack Sanders.
Last updated April 2021

Who Was Who Index (Sanders)

All of these profiles are available on Facebook’s Old Ridgefield group — use the search (magnifying glass) function to look for a person or topic. They can also be found on the website,
Added January 2022

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