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Join the Ridgefield Historical Society Team

Founded in 2002, the Ridgefield Historical Society is a youthful organization with a timeless mission: to preserve, explore and share the history of our town.  

To achieve this, we enlist volunteers of all generations, perspectives, and areas of interest to contribute time and talent to our efforts.  Our ‘work’ is interesting, fun, and impactful. To learn more and express interest in joining our volunteer team, complete the form below.  

Volunteers Needed

The Ridgefield Historical Society is seeking candidates for committee positions in Programming, Fundraising, Membership, Technology, Collections, Historic Preservation, Buildings & Grounds, and more.

In addition to Board Members, we have volunteer roles of all types for all commitment levels in the following areas: 

Preservation, Collections and Research: This includes such activities as archiving, architectural preservation; collections; genealogy, and historic house research.

Community Engagement: This includes such activities as programming and events; fundraising, marketing and communications, membership, and volunteer coordination.

Executive Organization and Operations: This includes such activities as financial management; investment strategy, strategic planning, governance, information technology, and building and grounds.

Become a Volunteer