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Mission Statement

The Ridgefield Historical Society’s purpose is to preserve, interpret, and foster public knowledge of Ridgefield’s historical, cultural, and architectural heritage.

Founded in 2001, the Ridgefield Historical Society (RHS) maintains state-of-the-art archives, which serve as the principal repository for Ridgefield’s historic documents, images, and artifacts. Most of RHS’s programs, exhibits, and events reference this extensive collection of over 10,000 items—and very often it is the inspiration for such programming.

The Historical Society is committed to expanding educational opportunities for all ages, both online and in-person, and serving our community at our two sites: the 1714 David Scott House and the 1756 Peter Parley Schoolhouse, as well as in partnership with local institutions.

The Historical Society seeks to provide education and services relevant to Ridgefield primarily in the areas of:

Preservation & Archiving

  • Collecting and Cataloging: Forming a reference library of manuscripts, photos, records, and books.
  • Historical Society Archives
    • Town-wide Database: Maintaining a list of the historical documents and materials that exist at other sites in Ridgefield.
  • Historic Preservation and Architecture: Updating and disseminating information on Ridgefield’s historic buildings and sites.
  • Helping Researchers: Assisting genealogists and others who seek information about old Ridgefield and its residents.

Community Engagement

  • Programming: Presenting exhibits, lectures, tours, classes, themed video podcasts, and events, both online and in person
  • Working with Schools: Supporting local teachers and students through curriculum-based programs
  • Publications: Publishing the results of individual research as well as the quarterly Scott House Journal.
  • Oral History: Recording the recollections of older residents and preparing transcripts for use by researchers.

Current Projects

  • Battle of Ridgefield:
    • Battlefield Research & Stewardship
    • Events & Programs

Year-End Reviews