Monologues Unmasked, Episode 4: Quaranteen by Elena Tittel (Grade 12)

The Ridgefield High School theatre department presents this series of light, ironic, and humorous stories written by students that are based on their 2020 experiences and observations during the pandemic. This program is part of our Ridgefield Responds to COVID-19 series.

Although their ability to do theatre was greatly altered by the pandemic, the Ridgefield High School theatre department, and their drama/visual and performing arts club, The Company, found innovative new ways to create the art they love. The Company spent the fall working to collect and create light, ironic, and humorous stories that came out of 2020, through student lenses, and turned them into monologues!

Pieces were written and performed by Company members from grades 9, 10, and 12, and published as the second act of the high school’s virtual winter play under the title “Monologues Unmasked.” This act followed up a four-person Company production of Laurie Allen’s one-act play Nothing Good Happens After Midnight. These creative, original stories based on student experiences and observations amidst the craziness of last year provide a unique view into another side of pandemic-influenced happenings.

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