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Votes for Women — Panels 6 & 7: Two Roads, and Opposition

Differences in approach within the women's suffrage movement, and the political opposition.

Panel 6: The National Movement: Two Different Roads

As leaders of the Congressional Union of the National American Woman Suffarage Association (NAWSA), suffragists Alice Paul and Lucy Burns disagreed with NAWSA’s Carrie Chapman Catt’s tactics and goals to win the vote for women. This led to their founding the National Woman’s Party (NWP, still active today). Schooled in the British suffrage movement’s militant tactics, Paul led an aggressive suffrage campaign while Catt pursued a more moderate, non-combative strategy. Both groups organized parades, pageants, rallies and speaking tours, but Paul often encouraged nonviolent civil disobedience.

Panel 7: Great Change Must Expect Opposition

A series of images depicting opposition to the Woman Suffrage movement.


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