Kendall, Marie Hartig


Kendall, Marie Hartig (1854-1943) was an early woman professional photographer in Connecticut; was taking photographs of Ridgefield from at least 1886 onward; married Dr. John Calvin Kendall; probably lived here for several years at house of her husband’s parents, Dr. and Mrs. Calvin Kendall, at 85 Main Street; moved to and lived rest of life in Norfolk, Conn., where she had a photography business; in 1904, showed her work at St. Louis World’s Fair; published in 1900 a photo book, “Glimpses of Ridgefield,” with more than 100 pictures of Ridgefield in late 1880s and 1890s.

From Jack Sanders, Who Was Who in Ridgefield.

More Historical Nuggets

First Pride Day, 1998

FIRST ‘PRIDE’ DAY: “A Celebration of Community: Straight, Gay and Lesbian“ took place in 1998, on the Community Center lawn. Just a year later, a Rainbow Flag was flown for the first time in the nation over a state capitol, Hartford, on March 21, 1999.

Hezekiah Scott (1789-1879)

Hezekiah Scott was a weaver and operated a distillery on the brook near his home on Barlow Mountain Road — a stream now called Kiah’s Brook.


The first road paving, part of a state experiment, was done on the eastern end of Branchville Road around 1912. Catoonah Street was paved in 1922.