Danbury and Ridgefield Turnpike


Danbury and Ridgefield Turnpike: Toll road from intersection of Haviland and Limestone Roads following today’s Route 35, then up today’s Route 7 where it met Sugar Hollow Turnpike near the southern end of Danbury Airport; company established by legislative act 1801; road built by 1803; eliminated need to use old route over Moses Mountain from Starrs Plain to Wooster Heights; Joseph M. and Ebenezer B. White were original incorporators; Rockwell says Sturges Selleck completed the road in 1812; Liljegren placed site of a toll station just north of the Ridgefield-Danbury line, on the west side of Route 7, just south of Bennett’s Farm Road — a site destroyed by 2005 Route 7 widening; still in use, 1832.

From Jack Sanders, Ridgefield Names.

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