Lecture: Anne S. Richardson, Part One

Terry McManus discusses Anne S. Richardson, who for over 50 years was a leader and a moving spirit for the preservation and betterment of Ridgefield. During her time in Ridgefield she was a garden club leader, suffragist, world traveler, civic leader, and philanthropist. Ninety percent of the photographs, video, and other materials used in this presentation are from Ridgefield Garden Club archives.

These presentations are a wonderful complement to Darla Shaw’s Auditorium Ladies series of podcasts, including one in which Darla portrayed Anne Richardson. Click here to view Darla’s program.

Terry McManus

By Terry McManus

Terry McManus is archivist and historian for the Ridgefield Garden Club. In addition to her work with the Ridgefield Garden Club, Terry is a member of The Garden Club of America’s Archives Committee in Manhattan and a past chairman of The Garden Club of America’s Garden History and Design Committee.