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Making Her Mark on History

Isabel Griffith is a college freshman, but that doesn’t mean she can’t design a logo: namely the Battle of Ridgefield 245th Anniversary logo.
Isabel Griffith, Town of Ridgefield intern

Isabel Griffith is a college freshman planning to pursue a degree in criminology and criminal justice, but that doesn’t mean she can’t design a logo. 

She can. And she did.

Battle of Ridgefield 245th Anniversary logo
Logo designed by Isabel Griffith

Namely the Battle of Ridgefield 245th Anniversary logo, which Isabel conceived and created before the Ridgefield Historical Society relayed her design to Phil Yarnall/SMAY Design for final refinement and adaptation across media.

Griffith, a Town of Ridgefield intern and freshman at University of Maryland, has also been a valuable member of the Battle of Ridgefield 245th Anniversary organizing committee and is boundless in her energy, ideas, and ability to get things done.  

Meet…Isabel Griffith:

What are you studying?
I am currently studying government and politics concentrating in international relations; however, I am planning on switching to criminology and criminal justice. 

Are you a designer?
I am not a designer; however, I have been enrolled in art courses in the past and I am currently taking an art course at my university.

Will you be in town for the BOR 245th Anniversary Events?
Sadly, no! Due to the date of the events being close to my final exams, I, unfortunately, will not be able to make it back to Ridgefield. 

Did you grow up in Ridgefield?
I am originally from Arlington, Virginia, but I attended Ridgefield public schools from kindergarten through 12th grade. 

What have been your favorite assignments/tasks as a Town of Ridgefield intern?
One of my favorite tasks was helping organize the 4th of July firework show at Ridgefield High School in 2021. I came up with the idea to use an online platform to sell the tickets and it was a huge success which was very exciting!

What have you learned through the internship?
I have learned so much about the way our town runs, and it has given me a bit of a sneak peek of how all of the planning of things is done. It has also really opened my eyes to how much hard work is put in by everyone who works there to make the best events in our town happen.

How is freshman year going?
Freshman year is going very well! The University of Maryland was definitely the right choice for me as I am being pushed academically but not too hard. I also have met many great people and made lots of connections. Being so close to Washington D.C. has a lot of perks when it comes to internship opportunities and the professors that teach here. I am looking forward to seeing where my years here will take me.

Any advice for attendees to the 245th Anniversary Battle of Ridgefield events?
Grab your friends and family and enjoy as much as you can. Cancel your 2022 commitments. Go back in time. Embrace the history. Dance with a Reenactor. Touch a musket ball. Immerse yourself. It’s a special event, a special town, and you could be taking final exams instead!


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