Battlefield Research Blog Entry #9: Archaeology in Ridgefield

A typical battlefield survey of a private home includes hours of scanning the landscape with metal detectors. Once a signal is detected the archaeologist recovers an object by peeling back the grass and digging a small hole to pinpoint the artifact which is typically found between 5 to 10 inches deep and rarely deeper than a foot.

Battlefield Research Blog: Entry #6, June 2021 (Quarterly Summary)

In their quarterly report to the Battle of Ridgefield Advisory Group, David Naumec and Kevin McBride explained the significant findings and insights that research has uncovered. It is considered noteworthy… Continue reading Battlefield Research Blog: Entry #6, June 2021 (Quarterly Summary)

Battlefield Research Blog: Entry #4, June 2021

The Heritage Consultants Research Team made contact with several area historical societies, which provided information that will be useful in the Source Database. A summary of the quarterly meeting with the BOR Advisory Group includes new details and perspectives on the battle.

Battlefield Research Blog: Entry #2, April 2021

A metal detector is one of the tools that help locate artifacts and steer researchers to important sites: Heritage Consultants have already done some preliminary work with a local volunteer.

Military Historian, David Naumec, Ph.D, of Heritage Consultants and his team will be blogging monthly on their research around the Battle of Ridgefield, supported by the National Park Service’s American Battlefield Protection Program grant awarded to the Historical Society last year.