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I Spy at the Scott House

In recent weeks, we've had lots of visitors to the Scott House. Some planned, some impromptu, and it's been fun. Here are a few accounts of the activity.

In recent weeks, we’ve had lots of visitors to the Scott House. Some planned, some impromptu, and it’s been fun. Here are a few snapshots — and accounts — of the activity.

Ridgefield Theater Barn’s Pamme Jones:
Re-Visiting an Old Haunt

Pamme Jones (on right), executive director of the Ridgefield Theater Barn, stopped in to relieve the Historical Society of a much un-needed file cabinet, and visited with RHS’s administrator, Ruth Van Den Nieuwenhuizen, and our resident suffragist.
Curiously enough, when Pamme and her husband first moved to Ridgefield, they LIVED in the Scott House, on Catoonah Street, in an upstairs two-bedroom apartment. When the Scott House was dismantled for relocation in 2001, Pamme rescued the home’s beautiful windows and delivered them back to Grove Street when it was time to re-assemble.
Who knew?!

Ridgefield Library Field Trip to Scott House

The Ridgefield Library and Ridgefield Historical Society have long been friends, sharing resources, information, and the mission of enlightenment.
On a recent spring-like Friday afternoon, the Library team made the pilgrimage up Prospect and across Grove for a visit to the Scott House. And the time spent was so profitable and fun that we’ll be repeating it quarterly.

At right: Andy Forsyth (RL), Brenda McKinley (RL), Nancy Rowe (RHS), Lucy Handley (RL), Betsy Reid (RHS), Rita Covelli (RL).

Kate Fitzpatrick Visits the Scott House
for the First Time

Kate Denoyer Fitzpatrick — on right, with RHS Board Member, Sally Sanders, both wearing their Ridgefield orange —grew up in Ridgefield, moved away for several years, and then returned just over a decade ago to start her own family. Now Kate is the mother of three, CEO/Founder of Kate Fitzpatrick Consulting and she recently came to the Scott House — for the first time ever. [We’ll have to work on that.]
Kate came to talk about social media. And the beauty of Kate Fitzpatrick? No question too small, no concept too big. We peppered her with 1000 questions, she got her hands dirty on our laptops, and we left that hour informed and armed with knowledge.
Thank you, Kate! Come back soon and bring your family.

What’s in the Target Bag?

Also, late last month, we answered a quiet knock at the door to see a friend with the most unassuming of bags — a simple bag from Target.
But hiding within were well over a dozen original volumes from Peter Parley’s Cabinet Library, bearing such intriguing titles as Manners and Customs of Nations and Curiosities of Human Nature. Indeed. The books were authored by Samuel Griswold Goodrich, aka Peter Parley, around 1845. Our donor preferred not to be photographed, but we are very grateful for the unexpected and meaningful gift.

Who’s Next?

Ridgefield Historical Society doors are open on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 1:00pm – 5:00pm and we enjoy meeting the community.

If you’re in the neighborhood, stop in, tell us your story, and take a look around.

It’s always sunny at the Scott House.


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