Oral History Project Interview: Walter Boyce

Oral History Project Interview: Walter Boyce


Narrator: Walter Boyce
Occupation: retired
Interviewer: Betsy Reid

Topic: Charlotte Boyce
Biographical Notes:
Born: May 4, 1929

Walter’s mother, Lotte Davis Boyce, born in 1890, attended the Danbury Music School as a student in 1905 and later became part of the faculty from 1911-1921. She began her teaching career in Ridgefield in 1909 and taught piano lessons to nearly 500 students for the next 56 years.

Walter has kept records of his mother’s career complete with pictures of many of her Ridgefield students. He is currently working on another book about the Danbury Music School.

In this clip, Walter talks about how music was provided for the silent movies in town hall and the daily route his mother took to get to the Danbury Music school.



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