Paul Baker

Narrator: Paul Baker
Bibliographical Note: Paul Baker 11/04/09

Paul was born in 1929 and attended the Bennett’s Farm schoolhouse with his two brothers and his sister. His father was the dairyman and gardener at the Colonel Conley estate, Outpost Farm.

Paul remembers Ridgefield as a closely knit town where people cared for one another especially during the Depression. Paul graduated from Ridgefield High School in 1937 and that class has had reunions ever since.

During World War II, Paul served as an air traffic controller for the Army Air Force in Nebraska and in Brazil. Back home Paul worked for the Ridgefield Press and the radio station WLAD where he had a show called “Ridgefield Now and Then.” Paul was also the race announcer for the Danbury Racearena on Saturday nights for many years.

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