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2023 Battle of Ridgefield Walking Tours

The Battle of Ridgefield Walking Tours went off as planned on Saturday, April 29th, featuring eight historical characters, a mile-long route, and plenty of raindrops.

On Saturday, April 29, several stalwart souls joined the fun at 2023 Battle of Ridgefield Walking Tours

The tours featured a walk down Ridgefield’s Main Street, from the site of the Battle’s Third Engagement to Keeler Tavern. Along the way, the group met eight Revolutionary characters, including General Tryon, Charity Johnson, and Benedict Arnold, among others, who shared their stories and brought history alive. The tours, conceived and created by local luminary Dr. Darla Shaw, are ‘living history’ at its best — even the weather harkened back to April 27, 1777.

Thank you to all those who honored their registrations, to our brave and hearty characters, and to our veteran National Charity League, Ridgefield Chapter volunteers, who led the way.


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