Bailey, Halcyon Gilbert


Bailey, Halcyon Gilbert (1828-1905) married Emily Keeler of Ridgebury Road in 1854; Bedini describes satirical campaign Gilbert ran, complete with posters, for office of town hayward — posters generally made fun of women and promoted drinking; Emily divorced him by 1880; in 1908, national news stories reported his daughter, Dr. Annie Keeler Bailey (q.v.), asked court to change her name to Keeler to “free the honor of her mother’s family from the taint arising from the name of her father.” “Father,” she was quoted as saying, “was a man addicted to excessive dissipation, shocking immorality and profanity. He was a disgrace to the family”; buried in Peach Lake Cemetery, North Salem.

From Jack Sanders, Who Was Who in Ridgefield.

More Historical Nuggets

First Pride Day, 1998

FIRST ‘PRIDE’ DAY: “A Celebration of Community: Straight, Gay and Lesbian“ took place in 1998, on the Community Center lawn. Just a year later, a Rainbow Flag was flown for the first time in the nation over a state capitol, Hartford, on March 21, 1999.

Hezekiah Scott (1789-1879)

Hezekiah Scott was a weaver and operated a distillery on the brook near his home on Barlow Mountain Road — a stream now called Kiah’s Brook.


The first road paving, part of a state experiment, was done on the eastern end of Branchville Road around 1912. Catoonah Street was paved in 1922.