Historic House Research

The Ridgefield Historical Society has been working tirelessly to preserve local history and make it accessible to the public through various programs and services. One of these services is the historic house research service, which allows homeowners to delve deeper into the history of their homes and the land they reside on.

The historic house research service is a fantastic opportunity for homeowners to learn more about the stories behind their homes. Through this service, homeowners can discover who built their homes, when they were built, and how they have changed over time. Additionally, homeowners can learn about the various families who lived in their homes throughout the years and the impact they had on the community.

The Ridgefield Historical Society has a team of knowledgeable and experienced researchers who use a variety of resources to gather information about the history of homes in the area. These resources include historic maps, photographs, town records, and newspaper archives. By using these resources, the researchers are able to create a comprehensive history of the home, including any notable events or individuals associated with it.

The research process begins with an initial consultation with the homeowner, during which the researchers will gather basic information about the home, such as the address and the approximate age of the building. From there, the researchers will use their resources to gather as much information as possible about the home’s history. Once the research is complete, the homeowner will receive a detailed report that includes all of the information gathered, as well as any relevant documents and photographs.

Not only is the historic house research service a great way for homeowners to learn more about their homes, but it is also an important way to preserve the history of Ridgefield. By researching and documenting the history of homes in the area, the Ridgefield Historical Society is able to create a comprehensive picture of the town’s past. This information can be used by future generations to better understand the town’s history and how it has evolved over time.

The historic house research service offered by the Ridgefield Historical Society is a valuable resource for homeowners in the area. By learning more about the history of their homes, homeowners can develop a deeper appreciation for their properties and the community they live in. Additionally, the information gathered through this service helps to preserve the rich history of Ridgefield for future generations to enjoy. If you are a homeowner in Ridgefield, consider taking advantage of this service and uncovering the fascinating stories behind your home.

The Ridgefield Historical Society provides, for a fee, historic house research. We will research the records of the society, the town records, and church records. The fee is $15 per hour for members and $25 per hour for non-members. To set up an appointment, please call 203-438-5821 or email us.

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