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Thursday, October 28, 2021 @ 7:00 pm 8:30 pm EDT

This exciting new webinar reveals the action, intrigue and terror of the people living around Long Island Sound during America’s War for Independence. With the Connecticut and Long Island coasts less than 10 miles apart in many sections of the Sound, raiders crossed every fair night either to smuggle and/or steal goods; and kidnap or kill enemies. Spies, on both sides, rounded out this dangerous cast of characters.

The economic blockade between British occupied Long Island and Patriot led Connecticut was the foundation of this violent conflict. But bitterness and desire for vengeance was fueled by the fighters’ familiarity with one another. Families and communities were ripped apart as Patriots in Connecticut expelled Loyalists and Loyalists on Long Island banished Patriots. Many Connecticut Loyalists ended up on Long Island and many Long Island Patriots became refuges in Connecticut. Rabble-rousers on both coasts knew exactly where their enemies lived and it is not surprising that they started to violently attack each other.

The attack vessel of choice was the whaleboat. These boats were powered by up to 10 men and measured about 25 feet in length. Some had a sail and/or a swivel gun on the bow; they were very maneuverable and could operate quietly. These shallow boats were easily hidden in the many inlets and islands of the Sound.

Some raids were led by “individuals” or loosely organized small groups, but sophisticated planning was employed for bigger raids involving hundreds of men. The lecture will detail some of these raids and discuss the fate of Patriot prisoners held by the British.

This program is co-presented by the Ridgefield Library. 20th Anniversary programming is generously supported by Lead Sponsors Liz & Steven Goldstone, with additional funding provided by Fairfield County Bank.

Ed Hynes, CFA

Ed Hynes, CFA was born and raised in Wilton, CT.  He attended Wilton High School and currently lives in Norwalk. He and his wife are fascinated by history and have visited many important battlefields both here and abroad.

Ed graduated from The George Washington University in Washington D.C. with a B.A. in political science.  He subsequently spent most of his career in financial services.  As an equity analyst, institutional salesperson and trader he worked with some of the premier investment banking firms in many of the world’s leading financial centers including New York, Tokyo, London, Chicago and San Francisco.  In 2001 Ed became a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and is currently a Financial Advisor with Merrill Lynch in Westport, CT.