Documenting Ridgefield’s Response to COVID-19: Ed Briggs, Ridgefield’s Director of Health

Documenting Ridgefield’s Response to COVID-19: Ed Briggs, Ridgefield’s Director of Health


Since 2002, Ridgefield Historical Society has been archiving photographs and artifacts that document Ridgefield’s history. As the keepers of our town’s history, our task now is to collect material documenting the coronavirus pandemic in our community.

We often understand our present by looking to our past, so this month the Scott House Journal recounts how Ridgefield reacted in the 1918 influenza pandemic. In another 100 years, should there be a global event affecting Ridgefielders, the Ridgefield Historical Society’s records of the COVID-19 pandemic will be a valuable resource.

Sharon Dunphy, co-chair of the COVID-19 Archives Committee, introduces the project.

Please fill out the form below before uploading your item for consideration by our collections committee. If accepted, your contribution will become part of the Historical Society’s Documenting Ridgefield’s Response to COVID-19 archive.

Open COVID-19 Archive Submission Form

Note: Please do not put yourself in danger when collecting material. Practice social distancing and official guidelines for staying safe.

Local business owners, students, health care workers, teachers, parents and kids can all help us to preserve this history by sending us photographs, artwork, personal reflections, stories, letters and more. These items, if appropriate, will be stored in our archives and made available to future researchers and visitors to our collection.

Dr. Jim Ahern has been practicing family medicine in Ridgefield since 1982 and founded Copps Hill Family Medicine in 1983. Here he discusses how he has continued to see his patients during the pandemic. Serving as Ridgefield school physician, Dr. Ahern is also on the planning committee to reopen the town’s public schools.
Sal Bagliavio, owner of Bailey’s Backyard Farm to Table Restaurant on Bailey Avenue talks about how his business has responded to the changes brought about by the pandemic.
Kobi Shaw, daughter of Dr. Darla Shaw, was raised in Ridgefield and lives in Colfax, Wisconsin. She created this fun and short video of 70 days of costumed, quarantine cabin fever antics in response to the pandemic.
Pastor Bill Pfohl of Jesse Lee Memorial United Methodist Church speaks about how the church is responding to the needs of others while continuing to hold worship services.
Fit Club co-owner Jenny Conciatore and personal trainer/fitness instructor Naomi Reik discuss their experiences during the pandemic.
Cybele Maylone, Executive Director of The Aldrich, shares her home and work experiences during the pandemic.
Adam Broderick, entrepreneur and salon futurist, shares his salon & spa’s experiences during the pandemic.
Jerry Myers, chief of the Ridgefield Fire Department, shares the experiences of the Department’s first responders during the pandemic.
Brenda McKinley, Director of the Ridgefield Library, shares her organization’s experiences during the pandemic.
Ashley Vidmar, 10th and 12th grade English teacher at Ridgefield High School, shares her experience with teaching during the pandemic.
Dean Miller, Chair of Ridgefield’s Meals on Wheels, shares his organization’s experiences during the pandemic.
Gerri Lewis, Public Information Officer for the Town of Ridgefield’s Office of Emergency Management, shares her experiences.
First Selectman Rudy Marconi shares his experiences of having COVID-19 and being the leader of our town during this pandemic.
Janine Limoncelli, Ridgefield resident and physician at Weill-Cornell Medical Center, shares her experiences on the front lines.
Macklin Reid of the Ridgefield Press provides testimony of his experiences of the pandemic.
Jake Seem, age 22, Boston University student from Ridgefield shares his experience.


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