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Agnes Creagh

Narrator: Agnes Creagh
Interviewer: Betsy Reid
Topics: Ridgefield history early 20th century
Biographical Note:
Born: April 9, 1914
Died: November 2007

Agnes’ parents, William Creagh and Mary Brady Creagh were Irish
immigrants who arrived in the United States in the early 1890’s.

Her Mother Mary worked as a lady’s maid for a wealthy woman in NYC. Her father worked as a “gentleman’s gentleman” for a wealthy doctor named William Flint in New York City. Mary Brady Creagh’s employer spent winters in Santa Barbara, California and Dr Flint traveled with her as her private physician. Agnes’ parents met on that train, were married in 1899 and arrived in Ridgefield in 1900 with Dr. Flint.

Wm. Creagh first worked on the estate of George Haven on West Lane. Her older brother was born there and attended the Peter Parley school. Also known as the “little red schoolhouse.” Later her family moved to Col. Louis Conley’s estate, now known as Bennett’s Pond, where Agnes was born. Agnes later attended the Titicus school.

In this clip, Agnes described her father’s car and what fun she and her sister Alice, ages 10 and 12, had with it in the early 1920’s.


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