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Day: July 19, 2021

Video thumbnail - sheep to shawl episode 1
Cultural history

Sheep to Shawl, Part 1: Processing the Wool

In this multi-episode presentation, Candiss Cowan discusses the value of fabric in Colonial America. In the North, clothing was made out of “homespun” wool and the quality of the fabric was based on the breed of sheep.

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Landis, Jessie Royce (1904-72)

Large boulder at edge of Fairlawn Cemetery on North Salem Road, opposite New Street, where, legend says, five Norwalk men, exploring for the new settlement of Ridgefield, spent a night.

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Battle of Ridgefield map
Battle of Ridgefield

Battlefield Research Blog: Entry #4, June 2021

The Heritage Consultants Research Team made contact with several area historical societies, which provided information that will be useful in the Source Database. A summary of the quarterly meeting with the BOR Advisory Group includes new details and perspectives on the battle.

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