Virtual Tour: The Peter Parley Schoolhouse, Part IV

Virtual Tour: The Peter Parley Schoolhouse, Part IV


Find out how the Schoolhouse operated during the fall and winter seasons. Who attended classes, and how was the school heated? Jack Sanders will read the first pages of two 19th Century history books West Lane students might have used, one by Charles A. Goodrich and one by his brother, Samuel G. Goodrich (as Peter Parley), who both attended the one-room school.

If you were a young student, which would be most likely to hold your attention?

Our volunteers Sally and Jack Sanders have created a series of virtual tours, guided by historian Jack Sanders, in place of the monthly programming they normally organize at the Schoolhouse during the May through October season.

This program is supported by CT Humanities and Fairfield County Bank.

Virtual Tour, Part I

The West Lane Schoolhouse, also known as the “Little Red Schoolhouse” and Peter Parley Schoolhouse, sits at the intersection of West Lane and Route 35. It is a building that many Ridgefielders have seen, but few have stepped inside. It functions as a museum currently operated by the Ridgefield Historical Society with exterior landscaping maintained by the Ridgefield Garden Club.

Virtual Tour, Part II

Jack Sanders talks about school days at the Schoolhouse and points out some of the unique features of the one-room school and its furnishings.

Virtual Tour, Part III

Two scholars, who got their first taste of education in the early days of the West Lane Schoolhouse, went on to renown, one as the author and publisher of children’s textbooks and the other as a university president. Jack Sanders tells their stories and reads from their memoirs.  

Virtual Tour, Part IV

This week’s video is featured above.


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