The Ridgefield Graveyard Restoration Committee


“Our cemeteries, scattered throughout town, are special enclaves deserving our care and respect. Large or small, their weathered stones and faded inscriptions can’t help but stir our imaginations as they connect us to those who built our community.”

-Jeanne Timpanelli, founding member

Dave Selander of the Ridgefield Graveyard Committee repairing the stones of Dr. Stephen and Lucy Bennett

Dr. Bennett, who died in 1802, was one of Ridgefield’s earliest physicians.


The Ridgefield Graveyard Restoration Committee is a town authorized committee that consists of nine appointed members as well as numerous volunteers. It was founded in 1991 for the purpose of maintaining and restoring the town owned cemeteries.

A data base of tombstones including inscriptions, GPS information and photos is available to help genealogists and family members trace their heritage. This information is accessible through the historical society collections.