Permission to Research from Landowners

When General William Tryon and his troops marched through Ridgefield in 1777, there were probably not three discrete engagements as has been commonly thought, but more of a running battle.

Heritage Consultants LLC, hired by the Ridgefield Historical Society under a National Park Service American Battlefield Protection Program grant, is finding documentary evidence to support this new conclusion. The Historical Society has created a short fact sheet about the Battle of Ridgefield Study as well as a landowner permission form to allow archaeological research.

We need your participation!

Right now, the Ridgefield Historical Society is asking for landowners’ permission to allow metal detection on their properties. A recent demonstration with several of the Heritage Consultants professionals and volunteers, including local detectorist Elijah Crehan, illustrated how unobtrusive the process is. Using a metal detector, the operator conducts a walking sweep of an area, marking spots that may suggest further investigation is warranted.

The battlefield archaeology crew