The 240th Anniversary Reenactment of the Battle of Ridgefield April 28, 29, and 30


Battle of Ridgefield: Separating Fact from Legend

A Discussion with Historian Keith M. Jones III

St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, North Hall

Friday, April 28, 2017 at 7:00 PM

On the afternoon of April 27,1777 an invading British army under His Majesty’s Royal Governor of New York, Major General William Tryon seized the town of Ridgefield. Next morning they marched back to their troopships in Long Island Sound, never to return.

Was the village plundered and burned? Did the patriot militia turn and run? Were townsfolk, in truth, still loyal to King George? And what was a redcoat army doing here in the first place? Discover for yourself what really happened that April day, as best determined by author/historian Keith M. Jones III, founding president of Ridgefield Historical Society.

Admission is free but donations to the historical society are welcome.
Please contact the Ridgefield Historical Society for reservations.


Battle of Ridgefield Walking Tour
Saturday, April 29
9,10,11 AM and 3, 4, PM

Local historians will give free hourly walking tours to help participants learn about the famous battle of Ridgefield. The tours will begin at the battle of Ridgefield monument in front of  Casagmo condominiums on northern Main Street and end at Keeler Tavern. Along the way participants will learn about the actual battle and see historic homes and churches and other landmarks.

To register for a tour call us at 203-438-5821 or email:

The Scott House Field Hospital and Encampment

Saturday, April 29
4 Sunset Lane
10 AM to 5 PM

The 4th Connecticut Regiment, Captain Abner Bacon’s Company, will bring men-at-arms supporting the Continental Army led by our Commander Robert Stiles. The tenting and campfires in the encampment will be set up exactly as they were during the American Revolution. Our company physician, Dr. Amos Baker, a skilled physician with many 18th century medical tools, will organize the field hospital for the battle. Wounded soldiers will be transported to the hospital for treatment. Camp followers will prepare 18th century meals over a campfire.

The Germantown Ancients Fife & Drum Corps will entertain the wounded and their fellow countrymen from 3:00 to 5 PM.

Admission is free. Donations are welcome.

Graveyard Tour

Sunday, April 30

Olde Town Cemetery, 45 North Salem Road, Ridgefield

 To park enter at the corner of Mapleshade and North Streets


A self guided tour in Olde Town Cemetery visiting the graves of the soldiers and citizens from Ridgefield who served during the Revolution. Re-enactors will tell their stories and a map and handouts will be available.


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