The Scott House Today

About us

The Ridgefield Historical Society

  • encourages historic preservation,
  • collects and catalogues documentary materials,
  • provides a database of information about town history,
  • creates publications and exhibits,
  • records and transcribes oral histories, and
  • offers workshops and assistance to those interested in local history.

The society’s headquarters is the 275 year old David Scott House, whose preservation, renovation and restoration was completed in September 2002. The house, at 4 Sunset Lane, includes a large fireproof and waterproof archival room within a “vault” with special equipment to control the humidity and temperature for fragile documents.The headquarters also features a reception and reference room, where the public can access databases of history materials held town wide. There is also a meeting room, a library, a project room, the town historian’s office, a cataloguing area, and a kitchenette.The society welcomes volunteers to assist with its work and also welcomes members and donors to support its efforts. For more information on becoming a member, a volunteer, or a donor, please call the Society at 438-5821, write the Ridgefield Historical Society, 4 Sunset Lane, Ridgefield CT 06877, or e-mail us by clicking here.